As the new year begins I am gearing up to launch Soul Steps 2016 AND for the first time ever I will be making it available online.

Soul Steps is a workshop/series based on a curriculum that I wrote from my own experience of letting go of struggles and issues and moving into the freedom of Christ,  living the life God intends me to live.

This seven-week journey is available at my home in Bakersfield (limited space) as we sit around the large table that my husband built for this very purpose.  Each Tuesday evening you will join with about 10 other women for hot coffee, tea, home baked cookies and a time of growing in the Lord. The price for this version is $125, which includes the curriculum workbook, journal and several other goodies along the way.

The online version is $49 and will include exclusive access to weekly videos, PDF’s of the curriculum and access to a private Facebook page where you can meet and share with other Soul Step Sisters.

Here are a few testimonies from some past attendees:

“Soul Steps helped me to see myself more as God sees me – beautiful, His child, loved, worthy and forgiven. It gave me tools to remember who I am when life tries to get me to see myself differently.” ~ LD

“Soul Steps helped me to dig deep and deal with things I have buried so deep. I feel so much weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can breathe.”  ~SW

“Soul Steps helped me know I am enough and how to enjoy life more peaceful, helped me to let go of things that stole my peace and joy. It was an amazing journey for me, helped me to start journaling now that’s amazing and I am loving it and finding things out about myself.”  VP

Soul Steps has made me open my eyes to know that God has made me perfectly for a purpose and I AM ENOUGH.” SM

I would love YOU to be a part of this journey in 2016.


About amazinglovecreations

My favorite roles in life are being wife, mom & mimi. I love my family and friends. I am passionate about sharing my heart with other women to help them on their journey towards peace and freedom in Christ. I have created a series I call SOUL STEPS that is comprised of a curriculum I wrote and 7 weekly meetings. This is a time for women to get unstuck, to find their worth and value, to let go of the things that have held them down far too long. I am also a certified Christian Life Coach. My passion is to live my life to shine the light of Jesus and to help others on their journey as well.

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