Life Happens….


Here I am after far too long yet I truly do not want to go on about how I have failed to blog and blah, blah, blah…. Life happens as we all know, and things like a blog sometimes end up in the back seat. ‘It is what it is’ and one of these days I am going to become better at being consistent with this blogging thing. 😉

Summertime is a time of less consistency, less rules, more relaxing when possible, more fun, more excuses even. I mean, once we hit the fall routine we dig our heels in so deep we don’t allow ourselves much slack at all. I think I have that in the back of my mind sometimes and so I  give myself a little break while I can.

I haven’t always been this way. It’s one of those things that comes with getting older and realizing just how fast life flies. Knowing that when there is a chance to take your grandsons to see “Inside Out” followed by making signs for a Lemonade stand (because one wants to be diligent and earn some money), you do it.  Or when you have a day to spend holding your infant granddaughter, you are in no hurry at all to jump in your car and drive home. When a conversation over coffee lingers longer than expected you just go with it knowing that both of you needed this friend time right now.

Life can be a rush. I know! I am usually the one rushing it. I live by lists and schedules that dictate my every waking moment.

Lots of things wake us up to the reality that life is fleeting, tomorrows are not promised, and all of those things. The truth of the matter is if we have had a wake-up call in our life we can and should count ourselves blessed to the core. You see now we will live with a new understanding. When things get a little crazy we will find that center that says…. ‘slow down, remember it’s not that big of a deal’

Oh there will be big deals, I am certainly not discounting that. What I am saying is that many of us (ah hem, ME!) tend to make even the little things way too big. But maybe, just maybe, it’s time to cut yourself some slack and enjoy another splash in the pool, a longer lunch break, an evening watching the sunset…. Do what restores your soul and know that the world will not come to an end, we WILL get back to the task at hand.

As for me, I am going to grab that book I have been meaning to start reading along with a tall glass of iced tea with lemon. I might even float in the pool while reading.  😉

May you have many precious summer moments to enjoy!

Love & Blessings, Sherry


About amazinglovecreations

My favorite roles in life are being wife, mom & mimi. I love my family and friends. I am passionate about sharing my heart with other women to help them on their journey towards peace and freedom in Christ. I have created a series I call SOUL STEPS that is comprised of a curriculum I wrote and 7 weekly meetings. This is a time for women to get unstuck, to find their worth and value, to let go of the things that have held them down far too long. I am also a certified Christian Life Coach. My passion is to live my life to shine the light of Jesus and to help others on their journey as well.

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