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Another Announcement…


I have yet another announcement to make. Although this one is not nearly as beautiful as my last one about my precious grandangel, it IS another “baby” of mine.

soul steps logo

Soul Steps Fall 2015 is on the books and  I am ready to take registration.

For those of you who are not familiar with Soul Steps let me tell you all about it.

Years ago when we lived in the mountains (we ran a church camp for 14 years) I would walk the mountain almost daily.  I decided to challenge myself to walk to the top of the mountain and back on my 39th birthday…thus the statement “years ago” 😉

It was during that walk that God took me through a spiritual healing of struggles & issues I had held on to for years, many since childhood. My experience was so profound I began writing about it (I always thought I was writing a book),  but last year this “book”  evolved into a curriculum called Soul Steps.

Soul Steps has become a series that  walks women through a journey of letting go of the things (struggles, issues, wrong thinking)  that has held them back, moving them into the freedom of Christ. This process brings women to the awareness of who God created them to be while shedding the old and negative.

We will begin this fall on September 8th meeting every Tuesday evening at 6:30-8:00  wrapping up with a Celebration on October 20th.


Here is what a few women who have taken Soul Steps had to say:

“This experience taught me that God wants me to be free. I know I am on a journey and I definitely am not where I hope to be, but I feel like I have let go of a lot of the stuff that was holding me back. I pray that I will continue to follow my Soul Steps.”

“My greatest experience in Soul Steps was knowing I am loved and Jesus accepts me as I am, unconditional love.”

“I was nervous to commit but then I looked forward to every week being in Sherry’s home, it was so warm and welcoming, I felt genuine love and acceptance”

“I didn’t know I could be this happy! because of this journey my eyes are finally open to all the things that matter and not all the other junk anymore.”


The cost of this seven week journey is $125 and includes the curriculum, a journal, as well as 7 meetings full of goodies and surprises.

If you are interested in signing up or you  have any questions please contact me via my email at

Hope you will join us on this journey.

XO Sherry