A Little Piece of Heaven


112I have been slightly distracted lately. It’s not every day an angel comes down from heaven and graces your presence.

We have been blessed with a precious new grand ANGEL: Princess angel Savannah Joy arrived on May 20th. She is the firstborn to my youngest daughter.

To  say I am smitten is a huge understatement. If hearts are capable of melting, mine has done just that.

I will never cease to  be in awe of God’s amazing creation, the perfection of His handiwork never ceases to amaze me. I am pretty sure my world has shifted on it’s axis, never to be the same again.

I may get my wits about me again soon and begin blogging about pertinent topics, but for now, my head is in the clouds.



Praying all is well with you!



About amazinglovecreations

My favorite roles in life are being wife, mom & mimi. I love my family and friends. I am passionate about sharing my heart with other women to help them on their journey towards peace and freedom in Christ. I have created a series I call SOUL STEPS that is comprised of a curriculum I wrote and 7 weekly meetings. This is a time for women to get unstuck, to find their worth and value, to let go of the things that have held them down far too long. I am also a certified Christian Life Coach. My passion is to live my life to shine the light of Jesus and to help others on their journey as well.

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