Monthly Archives: April 2015

Be A Blessing…. A Weekend Challenge


My email inbox is beginning to look a lot like my mail box. So much junk mail. I remember well the days that I would open my mail box to find handwritten, hand addressed cards and letters. That is why  I LOVE Christmas time so much. Well one of the reasons.

Are you experiencing the same thing?
You see the number pop up on your phone screen that tells you there are 27 emails waiting for you, you anxiously open it up and find all sorts of junk mail?  Yea, me too!  😦
Let me encourage you TODAY to drop a note or a card to someone you love, someone you would love to lift their spirits with a simple note scrawled out and torn out of a binder or in a beautiful purchased card. Really it only takes minutes, or if you are so inclined it will take more but will be beautifully welcomed.
That is my challenge for you this weekend. You can pick up cards at the grocery store while you are doing your weekly shopping. Truly there are no real excuses.
I would love to hear from you, if you sent something to someone this weekend. I promise you it will be received with so much gratitude and appreciation.
Have a beautiful weekend. Bless someone and be blessed!
XO Sherry