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Jesus Is The Reason For The Season


Like most of you I feel as if I am burning the candle at both ends and I am failing to do it ALL. Tis the season of such exclamations I suppose.

I earnestly seek to keep the focus on the reason for the season while I juggle my to-do lists and calendaring. Maybe you have found the secret of keeping it real, keeping Christ the main focus or maybe like so many others you struggle with this ongoing quandary.
 I have simplified drastically over the years and this year is probably one of the simplest. We no longer have little ones under our roof, which makes it all the more simple and easy. Yet I do remember well the longer lists and fuller calendar of holiday happenings when I had children’s activities and lives to keep up with.
 I hope you momma’s out there are finding ways to keep the Spirit alive in your home as we reach the peak of this holy holiday season. It is your attitude that will make or break the family atmosphere. Keeping the focus, the fun and the meaning alive is largely up to you.
One of the easiest ways you can keep it real is to be present in each moment.
A treasure I have found that truly helps me. When I am shuffling from place to place, thing to thing, I do my best to take each moment in, consciously taking a deep breath and bringing my thoughts and presence to the place I am at that very moment. As I struggle with the ongoing conversation in my head about what is next, what am I forgetting, what do I need to pick up at the store on my way home, I am able to remind myself that I will get to it AFTER I am done. I can look at my list and pick it back up then.
Part of my  strategy is to plan well. Being sure I have spent some time going over the details in advance. I write it all down so my brain can be emptied of the ongoing thoughts about what I must do, reminding myself about what is most important at all times. For me it begins with one long huge list of everything I need to do/buy/get/go to… Then I begin putting these things into my calendar, setting them up in a timely manner to accomplish them appropriately. I keep my list handy and refer to it often so I stay on task.
Don’t forget to put the most important things on that list. Being with friends and family, sharing love and Christ are the most important reasons for the season.
Also, don’t forget to do things with fun and love. When you have a lot to do, maybe housework, gift wrapping, preparing for Christmas parties; turn up the Christmas music and dance around the house getting your tasks done. You will feel a shift in your attitude and your children can join you in the fun. That will make a much happier memory than a stressed out momma who is rattled and grumpy.
Now, pardon me while I  blow out one end of my candle, take a deep breath, turn up my Christmas music and get busy wrapping gifts.  🙂
I would like to wish you and your family the most  joyous and meaningful CHRISTmas. That you will remember to STOP, take a deep breath and be in the moment, every one of them.
Much love to you!
XO Sherry